2020 – Excess Mortality and Covid in France

Is there an excess mortality due to Covid in France in 2020?

50 years of mortality were taken into account to determine the limits and effects of disease on each month of the year.

On the graph we have added the effect of two incidents from the past.

In February 1999, there was an influenza which had a strong impact on mortality.

In August 2003, the mortality was higher and unusual.

For the Covid 19 in 2020, we see that it starts in France in March. Very quickly, it established itself as a rare event exceeding the sigma. April was also difficult. May, June and July were normal compared to the past. However, from the month of August, an excess of the usual mortality is noticed. This new improvement continues in September, October and November. As the data for November and December are not yet available, it is impossible for us to determine any result.

The effect of confinements is undeniable and saved a large number of French people.

For the second wave, from August, a decline was noticed, but confinement was not adopted until November.