Rugby Activities

The main mission of video analysts is to carry out the coding, individually and collectively, of matches and training (« which player has achieved what at which time »). This work is carried out using sophisticated software allowing both sequencing and also the management, compilation and visualization of the data collected. Some tools, especially those dedicated to internal communication, can nevertheless be used by all club members. The integration of all these tools is part of an ever more intense quest to master the environment and therefore to achieve results.

The results of these analyzes can be reinterpreted to give this information a new face.
For example, we can process the match and compare all the players in relation to their activities. Once compared, we can group them together. This is what provides the following image from the final of the French rugby championship in 2018:

We immediately see the interest of such a solution. Here the grouping, represented by the red lines, is done on the whole match. It can also be performed throughout the match (after the first 30 events).

This same data can also be used to analyze the surface aspect and coordinates of a match.
Example of the geographic analysis of an entire match:

We can also see the same information at the level of a player:

Or we can see the dynamic evolution of a match:


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