Data Analitycs

Deep Data Analitycs.
We are expert to sample, transform, evaluate and analyse your data. We estimate the multifactorial densities of your systems. We search for patterns, segments or clusters. We make complex sampling and straightening. We manage the design of your experiments, the quality of the processus, the performance analisys, customers satisfaction, service quality evaluation, Six Sigma and Lean Solutions . We make factorial, hierarchical, mixed and optimal experiments plan. We made Correspondence and Components Analisys on any kind of data. We study saisonality and tendancy of your TimeSeries. we make complex sampling of your data including strata and quotas. We certify your data effect by parametric and non parametric tests. We analyse your geostatistical data to determine effects and correlations. We make the automation of your data analyse and results on any platform or statistical software. We optimize the data transformation and calculation for memory and time reduction. We make Massive and Parallel computations.

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Data Modelling.
Our work on data modelling target the best tools and methods usable for your need. Different models are used. We use multiple and complex regression for your data. It includes Ridge, Lasso or PLS models. We can make complex Statistical model applicable to your data. We model Timerseries to make prediction using different method as Exponential lissage or ARIMA model. We take into the saisonality of your timeseries durint the modelisation process. The spatial regression model is used to resolve geolocalized data. This kind of model is applicable to different geographical application as health or marketing. We manage your longitudinales data in following and modelling cohorts and panels. We model complex data structure with indirect or latent variables. We make complex model to classify your data including Logistic Regression and Discriminant Analisys. For complex modelling we use the Support Vector Machine. We support unsupervised methods as Kononen Map or associations rules. We support supervised methods as Regression Tree and Random Forest, Neural Network and Deep Learning, Boosting and Bagging. We work on Text Mining, Streaming , Graph and Social Networks. We make complex visualization systems including complex interactions. We support Survival and Risk Models as Cox Models We support Multi state And Concurent Risk Models.

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